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Sueños de Calle Ocho

Concerto for Euphonium and Wind Ensemble

Price: $550

Duration: 16:15

Havana Streets
Suenos de Calle OchoMIDI
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Sueños de Calle Ocho was commissioned by Hiram Diaz of "The President's Own" Marine Band after a conversation we had regarding a residency he was going to complete at the University of Oregon. While discussing what concerto to feature him on, we both wished there was something that was Cuban
(as we both are) and that sounded like Miami (as we both are). This quickly turned into Hiram asking if I had the time to write something for him and I was quick to say absolutely! This gave me the chance to write something that was uninhibited and completely reflective of some of my favorite styles from home that I heard at parties, outdoor music events (such as the festival at Calle Ocho that I remember going to as a kid), and on the radio. It also gave me the opportunity to write a piece that utilized theatrical elements as there are moments when sections come up to the solo stands to challenge, accompany, and jam with the soloist.


The premise of the piece is a musician on Calle Ocho that is performing on the street with a rhythm section. As the piece progresses, other musicians decide to join along with the soloist and rhythm section to have some impromptu jam sessions. Therefore, the setup of the stage is VERY IMPORTANT and necessary for the piece to sell the vibe. There must be the musicians traveling to the additional quartet solo stands for their respective features and there should be a theatrical element to this. This shouldn't be anything silly but it should involve musicians acknowledging each other on stage, solo sections acknowledging the audience, and the conductor encouraging the audience to clap for these soloists.

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