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For Solo Horn, 2 Marimbas, and Multi-Percussion

Price: $35

Duration: 7:00

Wood Piles
00:00 / 06:59

Cherrywood is a collaboration between Anne Marie Cherry and I as a response to an earlier piece I composed for her - Beautiful Milk. Since that piece was based on all metallic sounds, we decided to make this new commission based on wooden sounds (the hi-hat breaks that idea but it was necessary for the style of the piece). I wanted to compose something based on a groove that was both fun to listen to and to play and wanted to stay away from obscure academic sounding music. 

Cherrywood is named after the commissioning party and the timbral primary sound. It is meant to be something completely different than the standard horn repertoire and so the collection of the ensemble is unique, there are some different extended techniques for the horn, and the writing for the horn is unique in that much of it sounds like an improvised jazz solo. 

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